2020 Hair Trends WE LOVE!

Curtain Bangs 

70's bangs, curtain bangs, whatever you want to call them... we LOVE them! Curtain bangs are back with a BANG thanks to the 70's inspired fashion scene that is raging at the moment. We honestly think this is a hair trend that suits absolutely everyone. We've seen this sweeping fringe on every length, texture and colour, and we love every single one!  

Low Maintenance Colour 

This is a hair trend that took a bad situation and turned it into a great situation in 2020. Some may say our roots are outgrown, but we say we're style icons! The importance of low maintenance colour has become apparent to a lot of us and that's why we're delighted to see this trend take off. We now see more women showcasing their natural colour, enhancing and embracing it rather than covering it up. I mean, if it's good enough for Saoirse Ronan to rock on a red carpet, we'll take it! 

The Modern "Shag" 

This choppy layered hairstyle is also making its comeback from the 70's, but 2020 has really given it a facelift. Shag haircuts add texture, volume and depth to all hair types. We can guarantee that no matter how thick or thin your hair this style will suit and give you extra oomph. I don't think we've seen a cut that can look so effortless and glam at the same time! And yes, the modern shag looks even more gorgeous with curtain bangs thrown in! 

Wispy Fringe 

2020 is definitely the year of the fringe. This soft fringe style is lightly feathered making it suitable for those with fine hair or anyone who doesn't want the commitment of a full or thick fringe - we know how real the struggle is! This is one of the easiest fringes to style at home due to its fuss-free look and lightweight cut. A fringe is always a great way to update your look, just remember that there is commitment.