FARO Starter Bundle

€40 €49.69

FARO Starter Bundle. Everyone has to start somewhere with their hair and we've found the perfect place to start. The Faro Starter Bundle is designed for every hair lover whether you're a professional blow-drier or not. Including 3 of our best-selling products, this bundle will ensure you look like you've stepped straight out of the salon every single day! This is the perfect gift for the hair lover in your life.

Bundle includes:
* 1 x Paddle Brush
* 1 x 32mm Brush
* 1 x Hair Volumiser

Warning: Please ensure that you don't keep the bristles under intense heat. The brush will get hot when blow-drying. Please keep away from skin.

Care: Your brush will last for 12-18 months depending on the frequency of use.


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