FARO Hair Salon Pack

€52 €60.45

FARO Hair Salon Pack. Calling all hairstylists...This one's for you! The FARO Hair Salon Pack is designed for hair salons, stylists, and hair enthusiasts. Offering 3 x 32mm Brushes and 3 x Faro Combs, this bundle guarantees that your favourite FARO brush will never be too far away. From big bouncy curls to perfected upstyles, you can't go wrong with the FARO Hair Salon Pack.

Bundle includes:
* 3 x 32mm Brushes
* 3 x Faro Combs

Warning: Please ensure that you don't keep the bristles under intense heat. The brush will get hot when blow-drying. Please keep away from skin.

Care: Your brush will last for 12-18 months depending on the frequency of use.


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