7 Hot Hair Trends To Try This Summer 🔥

It’s nearly that time again—summer is just around the corner, and the FARO team is fizzing with excitement over the fab, fresh hair trends set to make a splash this season. 

Whether you’re looking to experiment with colour, debut a dramatic new cut, or play around with texture, our collection of expertly crafted brushes will help you nail any look. 

So, if you're ready for a change, here are 7 must-try hair trends that will turn heads this summer 👀

Pumped-Up Volume

As seen on: Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Adele & Miley Cyrus

This summer's motto? Go big or go home. Yep, volume is making a BIG comeback, and we're here for it! For a look that screams summer fun, prep with a volumising spray or mousse on damp hair, flip your head over, and give your roots a good blast with your dryer. Perfect for concerts or festivals, this style doesn’t just complement your outfit—it becomes the star of the show.

💡FARO Hair Hack: Lift the roots as you blow-dry, and remember to always point the nozzle down the hair shaft from root to tip.

The New Wet Look 

As seen on: Sydney Sweeney, Eva Longoria, Kylie Jenner & JLo

Wave goodbye to crunchy sea salt sprays. This summer, the "wet look" is getting a relaxed makeover. Think dewy, not drenched. Embrace your hair’s natural texture with just a touch of product to achieve that fresh-off-the-beach vibe—minus the sand in your shoes! 😅

💡FARO Hair Hack: Don’t let tangles or frizz get in the way of this sleek style. Our super versatile paddle brush is the ultimate tool for detangling and smoothing!


Shoulder-Skimming Bobs

As seen on: Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Chrissy Teigen & Margot Robbie

Thinking about a summer hair revamp? The bob is your new best friend. Whether you're dressing up for a wedding or keeping it casual at a backyard barbeque, this versatile, breezy cut works wonders. Sleek, wavy, or textured - bobs are like the little black dress of haircuts.

💡FARO Hair Hack: Flat, lifeless bobs? Em, not on our watch! Our 25mm Round Brush is the perfect size for adding volume right at the root, designed to give you that enviable lift that lasts all day. 

The Side-Slicked Fringe

As seen on: Hailee Steinfield, Taylor Swift & Elle Fanning

There will be mixed millennial emotions about this next one, but like it or not, the Side Fringe is back. Whether you’re aiming for a polished updo or a free-flowing style, sleek side bangs are bang-on-trend (get it?!) 

💡FARO Hair Hack:  To style, simply blow-dry your bangs to one side using our The One brush for that smooth finish, or pin them back with a cute statement accessory for a more dramatic look. 


The Power Ponytail

As seen on: Gabrielle Union, Tessa Thompson, Natalie Portman & Laverne Cox

Elevate your ponytail from gym-ready to glam-ready this summer. A slick, high ponytail pulls your features into the spotlight and keeps you feeling cool and effortlessly put together all day and night.

💡FARO Hair Hack: Our not-so-secret weapon, the Back Combing Brush, adds body, texture, and a little va-va-voom volume to your ponytails. 

The Flirty Flip

As seen on: Zendeya, Emma Stone, Taraji P. Henson & Florence Pugh

Throw it back to the 2000s with a flirty flip that adds a playful bounce to your steps. This light, bouncy style is perfect for injecting a bit of fun into your casual or evening looks.


💡FARO Hair Hack:  No matter your hair type or length, achieve the perfect flip with our 32mm Ceramic Round brush 

Super Long Bangs 

As seen on: Sabrina Carpenter, Anne Hathaway, Dakota Johnson & Lana Del Ray 

Long bangs are the trend that keeps on giving. Wear them blunt for a bold statement, soft as curtain bangs for a subtle face-framing effect, or pinned back for a laid-back look. They’re like the Swiss Army knife of hairstyles—versatile and always a smart choice.

💡FARO Hair Hack: Keep your bangs in place on the go with our handbag-friendly mini glide brush. 

This summer, don't just follow the trends—set them. With these trending styles and your favourite FARO brush, your hair will do all the talking!


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Till next time,

The FARO Team x