Our Story

Confidence Created by Faro

The FARO story began some years ago when Mairead was heading off on honeymoon. Not knowing her destination she packed all of her haircare before realising the large amount of products she needed to keep her frizzy and unruly hair in order.

Our Brushes

A brush for straight hair, another for waves, and one just used on wet hair..... So many brushes! When her husband saw the large haircare collection, he knew there was going to be a problem. Setting off on a light aircraft also meant light luggage there just wasn't any room for all of Mairead's haircare essentials and so the FARO journey began...Mairead began thinking of how she could downsize her haircare collection without compromising on results. Back home, she got together with her friend Debbie and FARO was born. They designed and developed our range of brushes to be lightweight, easy-to-use, smoothing, snag-free and suitable for all kinds of blow-dries - making the perfect collection for travel and hair lovers.

Our Range

The range has grown considerably over the years and we are thrilled to be award-winning and used by professionals all over! Our wonderful team is dedicated to developing haircare that makes you feel like you've just stepped out of the salon every day. FARO is guaranteed to give you the hair confidence you need and deserve. We have so much more to come and we're excited for you to join us...Confidence Created by FARO

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