Power Ponytail

Never under estimate the power of a ponytail. This sleek ponytail can be easily recreated at home. Blowdry your hair straight using the FARO paddle brush or 53mm. Use the tailcomb to remove frizz and create a smooth finish. If you want to add some texture to the ponytail, spritz the lengths with volumiser for a fuller look.

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Hollywood Vibes

A super sexy wave can dress up any outfit and make you feel a million dollars inside and out. Curl your hair using a hair wand or curls. Let it cool and gently brush the paddle brush or the detangler brush through the curls to create luscious waves.

Use the backcomb brush to add volume to the roots and create texture in the lengths. If your hair is soft and usually doesn't hold a wave or curl, spritz the lengths with our volumiser spritz. This will give you longer lasting results.

Bouncy Blowdry

Who doesn't love a big bouncy blow-dry? It is timeless and suits a mid-length to long hair type. Using the 53mm and the 32mm to create body and volume.

Our brushes are designed to reduce frizz and drying time making it easier to achieve this look. Lift the roots as you blowdry and remember to always point the nozzle down the hair shaft from root to tip. Curl the ends of your hair around the 53mm brush and blow-dry for a soft finish.

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Long Bob

Section your hair and loosely curl the lengths. As the curls cool, run your fingers through your hair to create a more relaxed look. Take a look at our video to see how to create volume and texture with our volumising spritz.

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