FARO Ultimate Gift Set - Navy Inlay


Our Ultimate FARO Gift set got a makeover with a gorgeous new navy inlay.

This stunning hairbrush set has everything you need to create gorgeous salon-worthy hair at home. Filled with FARO favourites and bestsellers in our exclusive pink colour, you'll be reaching for these brushes every single day. The FARO Ultimate Gift Set comes complete with our custom design gold foil gift box that is perfect for storing your brushes.

  • The Paddle Brush: Perfect for daily brushing, detangling, and blow-drying. The bristles stimulate the scalp for healthy and shiny hair.
  • The 32mm Round Brush: The all rounder when it comes to blowdrying! Use it to set curls or dry large volumes of hair in half the time. The 32mm works great on all hair types and lengths.
  • The 53mm Round Brush: Say hello to super big and bouncy blow-dries with the biggest round brush in the FARP range. We love adding volume, bounce, and shine with the 53mm brush. 
  • NEW Detangler Brush: Our new Detangler Brush is safe for use on wet and dry hair and is great for distributing hair treatments.

Warning: Please ensure that you don't keep the bristles under intense heat. The brush will get hot when blow-drying. Please keep away from skin.

Care: Your brush will last for 12-18 months depending on the frequency of use.


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