Glide & Bag Bundle


Introducing our NEW Glide & Bag Bundle. This bundle includes our popular FARO Glide in a gorgeous gift box and one of our new FARO Brush Bags.

  • FARO Glide:  The FARO Glide is the everyday brush that everyone needs in their life. Safe to use on both wet and dry hair, our Glide is perfect for detangling/brushing after a shower, and is the perfect tool for distributing conditioner and treatments evenly throughout the hair. The large vents speed up dry time and the beaded bristles massage the scalp.
  • FARO Brush Bag: Our luxurious black velvet Brush Bags are specifically designed to hold your hair brushes and styling accessories! Our Brush Bags keep your hair essentials safe and secure in one place so you know exactly where your brushes are. 

Warning: Please ensure that you don't keep the bristles under intense heat. The brush will get hot when blow-drying. Please keep away from skin.

Care: Your brush will last for 12-18 months depending on the frequency of use.


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