Meet the FARO Family!

We have spent years designing and developing our haircare range, making sure that each and every product is as perfect as it can be. All of our ceramic blow-dry brushes reduce frizz and dry time, and are suitable for extensions and all hair types. Whether your hair is short or long, curly or straight, we can guarantee that there’s a perfect FARO brush for you. All you have to do is find it...  

FARO Volumiser 

We can’t go anywhere without this stuff. A couple of pumps will have your roots refreshed and full of volume with little effort. A hair and handbag essential for nights out, this handy spritz absorbs oil and adds buildable texture so you’re never left feeling flat.  

FARO Paddle 

The everyday essential that you just can’t live without. The FARO paddle is super soft on the scalp making it perfect for kids hair and even extensions. Run this brush through dry hair to encourage the release of scalp oils for shiny healthy hair.  

FARO 53mm 

This is one of our most popular blow-dry brushes and it’s easy to see why. This ceramic brush gives phenomenal bounce, suited best to shoulder length or longer hair. We’re talking Cindy Crawford in the 90’s... LOVE! 


FARO 32mm 

The little sister of our 53mm brush, this is another FARO favourite! Add body and bounce to most hair lengths while reducing frizz with the 32mm. This is a great all-rounder due to its size, lightweight design and ceramic coating that heats and smooths the hair. 


FARO 25mm 

A multipurpose brush that you’ll reach for again and again. The 25mm is perfect for blow-drying short to medium lengths, for hair that is fine, and for adding volume to your roots. This is our go-to for sleek and straight styles as the size is perfect for blow-drying from root to end. 

FARO 19mm 

Our 19mm is the brush that you never knew you needed. The little sister to our 25mm, this works wonders on short hair, fine hair and fringes. The thinner barrel means the brush can be worked from the scalp to the ends with little effort. You won’t find a better brush for adding volume to all hair lengths or styling short hair.  

FARO Detangler Brush 

Our Detangler Brush is the perfect everyday brush to throw in your handbag. The compact size makes this brush fantastic for travelling and its detangling design ensures that it does not pull or snag your hair. Suitable for wet and dry hair, this is our go-to brush when we’re just out of the shower.   

FARO Back Comb Brush 

The perfect brush for taking your hair from flat to fab! The FARO Back Comb is a multipurpose brush that can be used for a multitude – volumising, lifting, texturising, smoothing – it can do it all. We love using this alongside our ceramic blow-dry brushes for perfecting and taming the hair.