FARO Self Care Tips

Time is valuable for everyone. From crazy work schedules, to hectic home life and everything in between, it’s now more important than ever that we look after ourselves. So whether you are a self-care queen or have only started to think about taking some me time, below is a list of 4 self-care tips to easily fit into your day.

1. Exercise
Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym five times a week (and making sure your Instagram followers know that you’re there). Exercise can be an early morning run, an evening walk or getting involved in family activities. Exercise has many health benefits while also relieving stress and helping with better sleep.
2. Listen to a Podcast
There’s no better way to escape reality than listening to a podcast. We don’t all have time to sit down and read our favourite book or magazines for hours. You can listen to a podcast while on the way to work, on the school run or even when doing the weekly shopping.
3. Stay Connected
Even though lately a ‘Night in with the girls’ involves a webcam and internet complications. It’s important to not let a busy schedule effect time spent with friends and family even if it is virtual. Scheduling activities like a virtual quiz night or family games night ensures we don’t get lost in the crazy bubble of life and forget what’s truly important.
4. Pamper Yourself
A pamper night may be at the bottom of the list of priorities for most at the moment. We all wish we could be Elle Woods from legally blonde sitting in the salon for hours but that’s not realistic for most. A facemask and a ten minute hair mask with the FARO Glide Hairbrush is all you need for a self-care evening. The perfect hairbrush for distributing treatment evenly throughout your hair. Not only will a pamper night boost your mood, your skin and hair will thank you for it!