The Ultimate Hair Brush - FARO 32mm

Our Faro 32mm Ceramic Round Hairbrush, in other terms the ultimate hairbrush! How? We’ve got a whole blog on why this brush is needed for the ultimate roller brush experience! 

The 32mm takes all of the work out of blow-drying with extra large vents reducing drying time, making it a great starter brush in order to achieve a salon blow-dry from home! Our brush leaves a frizz free sleek shine to the hair, one of the many reasons why this brush is loved by many stylists to create a curly blow-dry. 

This brush is suitable for all hair types and lengths making it a great gift for your friends (or yourself) as it suits everyone helping to create your perfect style no matter what the hair type! 

Our 32mm hairbrush really does work wonders on hair! It will leave you wondering how you ever styled your without it!